Shipping and Charges

How much are the shipping costs?

Our shipping costs consist of two price components. On the one hand, this is the logistic wich is incurred for the provision of the goods as well as the appropriate packaging and, on the other hand, the costs for the delivery of the goods which correspond to the type of dispatch used, e.g. Standard or express delivery and the shipping value are different. Our delivery costs are inclusive insurance.

See below:


Standard shipping

Express shipping

Germany, Switzerland, Austria

80 €

110 €

Zone 1:
Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands

90 €

120 €

Zone 2:
France, Great Britain, Sweden

100 €

not available

Zone 3:
Finland, Ireland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria

105 €

not available

Zone 4:
Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania

110 €

not available

Please note: The shipping costs for your order can only be calculated and displayed, if you have logged in with your personal customer account and the invoice address and possibly a different delivery address have been deposited.

* plus shipping ** Electronic Service